22 August 2020

August 22, 2020:


Lockdown Day-7(the previous day) Updates from Gasa

Towards dusk yesterday for around one and half hours, the Incident Commander together with Dzongkhag Task force members met the officials of four Gewogs on zoning program of Gasa through google meet. The zoning was thoroughly discussed and mapped with the ground reality and practical application to all four Gewogs as designed by the task force members based on the guidelines provided by the National technical experts. The methodology developed at the central control room as proposed was thoroughly discussed with inputs from Gewogs.

The main purpose of the stepwise zoning is to ensure that people have easy access to essential items during lockdown and are able to carry out essential activities, without compromising public safety in Dzongkhags. With the zoning system, Gewogs shall further make the initiative more adaptable and practical to best suit their needs. Dasho said, “Though we sit at the rooftop of the country far from the areas where the virus is widespread, we cannot afford to remain complacent. Everyone must take efforts to contain the virus by closely following the health protocol- the topmost concern of His Majesty The King.” Further, Dasho told the meeting that since Gasa is least populated, it is always easier to reach the right information to all the people and more so through efficient use of the social media platforms.

Stay safe!!


Lockdown updates form Gasa