17 August 2020

August 17,2020:

Lockdown Day-7 Updates from Gasa

The Incident Commander and DEO met the students of class 10 and 12 and teachers of Bjishong Central School through video conferencing today. It was reported that teachers are making this lockdown more endurable and engaging to the students through various inhouse programs. “Apart from studying, this is a good time reading, writing and praying to god and goddess for blessings” Dasho said. “It is more good news to hear that students can now watch TV from their hostels to meaningfully engage themselves besides disseminating information and His Majesty’s gift in the form of entertaining us with new Dzongkha movies in BBS to watch.” The teachers shared their observations and experiences from the last six days of lockdown with Dasho sharing his concerns of teachers and students.

Meanwhile, fifty one stray dogs in and around Gasa town, project camp areas, tsachu areas and Damji are being taken good care by RBP personnel with feeds. The feeding is being supported by the livestock sector and DeSuups. We would like to request all other households to take initiatives to feed and take care of stray dogs within their vicinity.

For the last six days, almost all queries on the hotline line 1181 calls are related to health issues and therefore, the hotline will be operated from Gasa Hospital, hereafter. If you have any general queries on COVID-19 and on lockdown situations, kindly call our Control room @02688185. For grocery items, you may like to call Dzongkhag HRO @17649080. We hope everyone is taking care following the health protocols diligently.. Keep updated with the right information, stay home and stay safe.

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