24 August 2002

Video conferencing chaired Incident Commander was held among the members of District COVID 19 Task Force members and four Gewogs to update on the situations in their respective places and relay concerns of His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo. To upscale strong coordination among ourselves in closely understanding the roles and responsibilities and achieving common goals, the video conference was held with sharing of experiences of first day unlocking and situations in the Gewogs.

Lunana Gewog, feeling the presence and elegance of His Majesty when Majestic Kidu reached the elderly people with essential medical supplies assisted by health workers and Desuups is a testimony of love and affection showered to his subjects. The people of Yemina and Khailo were issued with movement cards today based on the needs felt by the Taskforce members. The people of Khatoed are preparing to make offerings for the Kurim at Dratshang tomorrow. Laya takes pride in the zoning implementation with all the health protocols in place and stringent monitoring that made things go easier.

Dasho sighed and taking his breath with a smile, commended all Gewogs for putting equal efforts during this hard hours. He reiterated on the circular and SoPs shared to be reinforced for fruitful outcome. More than anything else, Dasho said he was happy that famers could carry out their farming. As enlightened by His Majesty, Dasho said “the incoming unknown visitors must be screened and reported to authorities concerned of the fear that our home people might be inflicted by virus”. The participants are reminded once again to assist people on health issues and to provide necessary services. Dasho reminded the Gewogs not to take their focus away from keeping the roads open for traffic to reach essential items similar to how Dzongkhag is giving utmost importance.

Gewogs were also cautioned to regulate the price of items sold in the shops to avoid few business centres in making fast monetary gains.

The fight against this virus is becoming crucial and the following days will be challenging for all of us as we all are moving together in getting accustomed.

In the meantime, the easing of restrictions worked out intelligently and to our glory the post afternoon, the customer turn out at Khatoed zone was 303. And yes! We provided over 303 with essential items.

Jubilantly, all financial institutions (BoBL, BDBL, BNBL, RICBL) managed to provide door to door services in Khamead Gewog as scheduled after the nationwide lockdown was imposed.

Stay safe! Stay blessed!!


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