Dzongdag Message

Message from Gasa Dzongdag

dharindzongdakabnayGasa would like to offer our deepest gratitude and respects to our visionary MONARCHS for their invaluable sacrifices for our country and people. Without their selfless and tireless efforts, we would not be what we are today's proud Bhutanese the DRUKPAS. Our KINGS have most amazingly ushered our country into 21st century as a proud, sovereign, peaceful and happy KINGDOM and continue the legacy for all times to come.
Gasa commits to provide full support in continuing this legacy from strength to strength for all times to come.
Gasa also takes this diamond opportunity in wishing our Beloved 4thDRUK GYALPO a most Happy 60th Birth Anniversary and also wish many many many Happy returns of the Most sacred Day.
Welcome to the Roof of Bhutan - Gasa. Why this new qualification? Firstly, there is no other Dzongkhag HQ located higher than that of Gasa. GasaTashiThongmenDzong is located at 2900 masl. Secondly if you look at the physical map of Bhutan, you will see that GasaDzongkhag looks like a cap on the Bhutan'smap. This gives a natural feeling of Gasa over looking the rest of the 19 dzongkhags.
And to continue, Gasa is so awe-inspiring as qualified in the following para. FIRST place in Bhutan that the Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel set his foot on.FIRST Deb Umze Tenzin Drugyel hailed from Gasa (Hobtsho Lam family). MOST number (108) of Tshachus and Menchus.Probably the BUSIEST Tshachu. ONLY Dzong with three (Maximum) Ta dzongs. Had three (MAXIMUM) water tunnels. LARGEST area and SMALLEST population. ONLY dzong that has a lake of football field size (LhaTsho) by its side. ONLY Dzongkhag that is completely under one Park (JDNP). HIGHEST per capita income.LOWEST crime rate. With LEAST number of complaints, has LOWEST level of corruption. LARGEST glacial lake (Thorthormi). FURTHEST Gewog from motor road head (9 days to Lunana). SMALLEST number of voters. ONLY Dzongkhag where voters were officially paid to vote; FIRST and the ONLY Dzongkhag that is declared as Organic. ONLY Dzongkhag that still do not have any of its Gewog centres/CICs connected with Internet; MAXIMUM numbers of Takins; And believe us the list can go on and on…its really awesome.
With such existing wonderful qualifications, we have no options but continue to excel in whatever we do.
For 11 FYP, Gasa has adopted its VISIONS to be the center for organic farming and eco-tourism, rich in cultural heritage and environment with content, peaceful and harmonious citizens. Accordingly Gasa has set the following important objectives in pursuant to the realization of our Vision.

1) To enhance food and nutrition security
2) To enhance and strengthen local economy
3) To improve health status of the communities
4) To enhance adult literacy and school enrollment with higher learning outcomes
5) To enhance sustainable management and utilization of natural resources
6) To improve urban amenities
7) To preserve and promote traditional and cultural heritage of the Dzongkhag
8) To enhance efficiency and effectiveness public service delivery
9) To collect and submit information and data on time
10) To reduce corruption
Sense of respect and gratitude to the institution of Monarchs, history and culture for all times to come will be our important guiding principle.
Strong Team spirit will be one of our core values. We will develop strong team spirit between all players viz the Rabdey, the Judiciary, RBP, public and citizen of Gasa, Dzongkhag Admin, Local Governments, and the corporate and regional offices.
Fulfillment of socio-economic self reliance and highest degree of contentment and Happiness of Gasaps will be our mission.

Trashi Delek
Dorji Dhradhul