Khatoed Gewog is the smallest Gewog among the four Gewogs of Gasa Dzongkha with a population of apprx. 194. It has an area of 326 sq. Kms. The gewog centre lies at Jasithangkha with the area of 5.42 acres with 4 functional staffs.

Khatoed Gewog


General Background

  1. Gewog Name: Khatoed
  2. Area ( 326 sq.Km
  3. Total population: 194 (Population Housing Census of Bhutan, 2005)

Male: 93


Population (Gewog civil registration)

Male:               232

Female:            212

Total:               444

Number of households: 60hhs

Sl. No. Chiwog No. of HHs
1 Remi 11
2 Tsebgang 15
3 Choli 10
4 Mani 9
5 Tserkikha 14
  Total 59

Land type:

Dry land:         293.91 acres   

Gup: Thinley Wangdi

Geog Administrative officer: Kinley Bhuti

Magmi: Sangay Tashi

Gaydrung: Damcho Wangmo


  1. Samten Wangchuk
  2. Chador
  3. Kaka Dema
  4. Bago
  5. Kinzang Thinley



  1. Kinga Wangmo
  2. Sangay Tashi
  3. Sangay Zam

Total Number of civil servant:


Sl. No. Name of the Organisation No. of Heads Remarks
1 Gewog Administration 10 1 GAO&1 Gaydrung
2 Education sector 10 1 Principal
3 Health sector 11 1 Doctor
4 RNR sector 03  
5 DVH 03 1 Vet. Doctor
BAFRA Total 03 1Incharge
NFE Total 01  
Community Center Total 01  
  Total 42  

Total armed forces: Royal Bhutan Police - 18

His majesty’s Kidu Recipient

  1. Needy students: 02
  2. Destitute: 02
  3. Land:
  4. Census:
  5. Amnesty:
  6. Rehab programme:
  7. Other strategic Kidu Recipient:


Gyalpoi Tozey

Gyalpoi Tozays ( Gasa PS) of Khatoed Gewog (2015)

Institutional information


Institutional/Industrial Services Name of the Institution Location Remarks
1.Education Gasa primary school Near Gasa Dzong 5mins walk from Dzong
2.Health sector Gasa BHU II Below the Gasa town 10mins walk from Dzong
3.RNRCE RNRCE, Khatoed Jasithangkha 7Kms
4.Gewog Administration Gewog adm. Khatoed Jasithangkha  
5.BAFRA BAFRA, Gasa Jasithangkha  
BAFRA Total 03 1Incharge
NFE Total 01  
Community Center Total 01  
  Total 42  

Road Network Information



Road network and Bridges Distance/Length Category Remarks
ZamiZam Bridge(01) 70 feet/29.5mts Bailey Bridge/td>  
Tserikha farm road(2)   Farm road  
Choli   farm Road  
Mani   Farm Road  
Tsebgang   Farm Road  
Phulakha   Farm Road  
Baychu   Farm road  
Remi Tsangkha   Farm road  

Religious Institution



Name of Religious Centers Number of Religious Personnel Category Festivals Location Remarks
Zabsel Goenpa 03 Govt. NA Zabsel Goenpa 3Hrs Walk from the Dzong
Phulakha Lhakhang 25 Govt. Gasa Tshechu Phulakha 30mins walk/10mins drive
Gasa Dzong/td>


Govt. Gasa Tshechu Gasa

March 25-27

Regional Offices/Organization

  1. Telecommunication Facilities and its coverage: B-Mobile 100%, Tashi cell 100%.
  2. Electricity and its coverage: 100%.
  3. Information on environment: 80% forest coverage

Other Essential Information

  1. Richest Household: Pema Dorji (Present Gup)
  2. Main Cash Crop: Potatoes
  3. Potential: Cordyceps
  4. No. of Civil Servant: 33
  5. Highest Post Holder: GAO
  6. Literacy Rate: 80%