Annual Statistics/ADS

ADS Write-Up 2015 gasa

Table 1.1 Population Projections by Age-Group and Gender

Table 1.2 Population by Gewog and Gender

Table 1.3 Demographic Indicators

Table 2.1 Type of Health Facilities

Table 2.2 Health Personnel by type

Table 2.3 Summary of Health Indicators

Table 2.4 Total Number of Live Births & Deaths

Table 2.5 Sanitation Facility Coverage by type

Table 2.6 Top Ten Morbidity (1)

Table 2.6 Top Ten Morbidity

Table 2.7 Top Ten Inpatient Hospital Mortality

Table 2.8 Immunization Status

Table 2.9 Details of Maternal & Child Health Care Activities

Table 2.10 Nutritional and Vitamin supplements status of Children

Table 2.11 Number of Surgeries

Table 2.12 Number of Family Planning Users by Methods

Table 3.1 Number of Schools, Institutions,Teachers and Students

Table 3.2 School Enrolment by Grade and Sex

Table 3.3 Students by Age-Group, Sex and by Level

Table 4.1 Civil Servants by Position Category & Level

Table 4.2 Total Employed Persons by Level of Education and Area

Table 4.3 Employed Persons by type of Enterprise and Gender

Table 5.1 Agriculture Land Holdings by Type

Table 5.2 Agriculture Infrastructures and Other Facilities

Table 5.3 Cultivated Area, Production and Yield of Major Crops

Table 5.4 Name of Farmersa?? Group, Associations and Cooperatives Registered with DAMC

Table 5.5 Farmers’ Training Provided by RNR Sectors and DAMC

Table 5.6 Cereal Crops Cultivated Area & Production

Table 5.7 Livestock Population by Types

Table 5.8 Livestock Productions

Table 5.9 Number of Major Fruits and Nuts production

Table 5.10 Major Spices & Oilseeds production

Table 6.1 Average Monthly Temperature

Table 6.2 Average Monthly Rainfall by Station

Table 6.3 Details of Protected Areas and Parks that falls within the Dzongkhag

Table 6.4 Details of Quantity of Timber supplied and Royalties realized

Table 6.5 Details of Community and Private forest by number and area

Table 6.6 Land Area and Damages Caused by Types

Table 7.1 Number of New Building Permits Issued by Authorities

Table 7.2 Details of Drinking Water Supply

Table 7.3 Details of Solid Waste Management

Table 8.1 Number of Wholesale, Retail Trade and Industrial Licenses Issued

Table 8.2 Number of Industrial Licenses Issued by Sector

Table 8.3 Number of Industries and Firms by Type and Size

Table 8.4 Number of Tourist Arrivals and Hotels

Table 9.1 Number of Public Transport and Facilities

Table 9.2 Monthly Motor Vehicle Accidents

Table 9.3 Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Table 9.4 Number of Roads and Bridges

Table 9.5 Telecommunications

Table 10.1 Financial Institution Branches and ATM Machine

Table 10.2 Number of account by type with Financial Institutions

Table 10.3 Sectoral Credit by the Financial Institution

Table 12.1 Parliamentary, Local Government Representatives and Voters

Table 12.2 Details of Primary election by Demkhong and Political Party

Table 12.3 Details of General election by Demkhong

Table 12.4 Details of National Council Candidate by Voters

Table 13.1 Number of Administrative Units

Table 13.2 Number of Historical sites and Recreations

Table 13.3 Details of Drungkhag and Gewogs by distance, time and contact numbers

Table 14.1 Summary of Crime Reports by Nature of Crime

Table 14.2 Dzongkhag & Drungkhag Court Cases-Disposal and Pending

Table 14.3 Dzongkhag & Drungkhag Court-Cases Decided within 108 & 365 Days,