02 February 2021

Gasa turned the second day of February into a special day. After a gap, while in lockdown and catching up with the tracks of our essentially scheduled tasks after that, we are back to revive our good habits of cleaning up on the second day of every month. We dedicated the day by mobbing the whole area in and around the sacred Dzong, cleaning the boulders, stones and debris that were laying dull after the Dzong construction, beautifying the space around the Dzong and mass clean up in the surrounding. Every staff under Dzongkhag Administration led by Dasho Dzongda joined in this mass cleaning. The ‘clean and green’ dream for the day was realized specially with the help of our RBP team. Mopping-up while the taps are still running is something not so wise but due to the highest spirit in the team, we cleaned the litters completely just as we turned the taps off.

Our clean-up campaign is a drive for individual responsibility among the local communities towards cleanliness, control littering and beautifying your own surrounding.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Clean Up Home programme. We look forward to seeing you every second day of the month. Let us all be the community-spirited people who pick up litters!!! Everyone can make a difference to our local environment.

Clean up dayClean up day