21 January 2021

Today evening with heavy hearts, the staff of Dzongkhag Administration and regional offices bid farewell to our most beloved Lam Neten and Lopen Nyap to their new place in Trongsa Dratshang. Lam has served at Gasa Dratshang starting December 1, 2015 to this date. In just a short period, all beings were blessed with his teachings and were fortunate to have received limitless blessings and wisdoms underlying his skillful actions. We offer our humblest Tashi Delek and gratitude for immense contribution for the people of Gasa and for all beings. Our Dharma Teacher!!!We would always respect the vows that you told us to keep, be armoured with determination for the sake of others and remain guided by the immense loving compassion you displayed. Today as we bid farewell, we vow once again and at your feet we prostrate!!

We wish both of them most successful tenure in new Dzongkhag Rabdey generously continuing to promote and flourish the dharma practice and enhance the GNH of our country.

Tashi Delek!!