16 August 2020

August 12,2020:

Update on COVID-19 Lockdown Day-6 for Gasa Dzongkhag

As the nation enters the 6th day of lockdown, the Incident Commander has convened a meeting through google meet with Gups, Mangaps, Gewog Administration Officers and DeSuups of four Gewogs. The video conference was held to handle COVID lockdown situations in a harmonious way and to make it tolerable by supplying the people with all essential items. Dasho acknowledged the challenges being faced by people and shared His Majesty’s words of wisdom and the concerns for His people under such restricted circumstances. Dasho shared his views on several important points concerning:

i. Though Dzongkhag had arranged to send the stranded people to their own Dzongkhags, the Gewog Administration and DeSuups are advised to support those who had to stay here with accommodation.
ii. Message is clear from the HPM that people can work in their own field but not be allowed to hire others for work or hiring or exchanging labour is not permitted.
iii. Gewogs are urged to include more people on their social media groups to enable disseminating right information provided from the Dzongkhag and instructed to rely on the government’s information source for any updates.
iv. Everyone is staying home during this lockdown and there are chances that people might engage in domestic violence. For this Dasho asked the participants to kindly advocate through social media platforms on domestic violence which cannot be tolerated.
v.The participants are asked to inform the people to visit the hospital if they are showing irregular symptoms to get health check-ups.
vi.The Dzongkhag is ardently working on supplying all essential items to everyone residing in Gasa and in this restricted situation highly discourages hoarding.
vii. Gasa has started selling the surplus vegetables to neighbouring Dzongkhags to facilitate smooth marketing of their local products.

Dasho conveyed His Majesty’s concern for the people and thanked Chabje Rinpoche and Dratshang Lhenshog for continuous kurims for the wellbeing of people and nation. The participants are informed that Dzongkhag task force core members are working on the zoning implementation in the Dzongkhag as per the command and will implement following the zoning of Thimphu. He expressed appreciation to the frontline workers and volunteers at Gasa for their absolute dedication and harmonious management of the lockdown situation with residents.

However, if they face problems, they are told to call in our toll-free number 1181. The Dzongkhag Administration and the DeSuup team are grateful to Gasa Soechu Ltd for providing 15 cartons of Gasa Soechu to the Desuups on duty.
We wish everyone to be safe. Take care and stay safe la. Let us fight this virus together.

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